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Moringa seeds have several beneficial uses.

As Food

Moringa seeds can be eaten, either alone or along with the entire pod. The seeds can be roasted and eaten like nuts. They can also be used in cooking the same way one would use peas or beans.


The seeds contain a high-quality oil which can be used for cooking and for lubrication. Here is a wiki article with more details:

Moringa Oil

Water purification

The Moringa seeds can be used to remove impurities from dirty water and help make it drinkable. Here are two wiki articles that go into more detail about the process:

Household Water Purification

Large-scale Water Purification

Water Softening

A study has found that the seeds not only can help purify water, but also soften it. This article tells more about this aspect:

Water Softening


The "seed cake" that is left over after crushing the seeds for oil extraction or water purification can then be used as a fertilizer.


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