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Moringa leaves can easily be dried and stored for later use. This is a good way to preserve the leaves. Very little nutrition is lost in the drying process -- except for vitamin C, which decreases significantly.

How to Dry the Leaves

  1. Remove leaves from stems
  2. Rinse in clean water
  3. Optional: If possible, it is good to blanch the leaves before drying. To blanch, place the leaves in boiling water for just a few seconds, and remove them immediately.
  4. Spread leaves out in a thin layer to dry in the shade, on fabric if available.
  5. If humidity is high, turn the leaves often to prevent molding.

When leaves are dry enough to crumble easily, they can be stored in an airtight container. Protect the leaves from sunlight to preserve the nutrients.

You can also make leaf powder from your dried leaves.

Here is an excellent article about making Moringa powder, which also includes information on drying the leaves.

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