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History of 'Antibiotic principle from Moringa Pterygosperma, Part VII. '

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Antibiotic principle from Moringa Pterygosperma, Part VII.

Author(s): B. R. Das, P. A. Kurup, P. L. Narasimha Rado
Published in: Indian Journal of Medical Research.   Jan 1, 1970
45 2 191-196

This article investigates Moringa Pterygosperma for its chemical structure. Pterygosperma is a condensation product of two molecules of benzyl-isothiocynate and Benzoquinone. A similar study examined the chemical makeup of cruciferous plants but failed to recognize the powerful antibacterial activity of benzyl ester.
Experimenters conclude that in the homologous series, the highest antibacterial account of a number of the experimental compounds is reached in benzyl ester. Among the aliphatic compounds in this study, the iso-butyl and secondary-butyl esters are only weakly active. Observations suggest that the highly active compounds may have in common a radicle of the type R-CH2-NR1-CR2R3-SR. The possibility of the breakdown of these compounds should not be overlooked in some antibiotics.

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