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Analytical Characterization of Moringa oleifera Seed Oil Grown in Temperate Regions of Pakistan

Author(s): Anwar F, M. I. Bhanger
Published in: Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.   Sep 17, 2003
51 22 pp 6558-63

In this article, an experiment was run in order to test nutritional and industrial potential of Moringa oleifera seed oil in different areas of Pakistan. It was found that in areas where the moringa tree was able to grow with a regular source of water, the yield of oil was much higher than in areas such as its native environment in mountainous areas. It was also observed that for many variables, the content of the oil was significantly higher than that of the M. oleifera oil native in Kenya. Overall, the moringa seeds had a much higher yield than conventional oil seeds, and also contained high amount of protein, fatty acids, and other variables that show potential for farm and industrial tasks, which makes M. oleifera seed oil a possibly successful crop for Pakistan, which would not only cut down costs of importing oils, but would also be a reasonable export.

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