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History of 'Studies of the Anticancer Potential of Plants Used in Bangladeshi Folk Medicine'

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Author(s): Costa-Lotufo, LV, MTH Khan, A Ather, D V Wilke, P C Jimenez, C. Pessoa, ME Amaral de Moraes, M Odorico de Moraes
Published in: Journal of Ethno-Pharmacology.   Jan 1, 2005
99 21-30

Studies of the Anticancer Potential of Plants used in Bangladeshi Folk Medicine by Costa-Lotufo, et al, focuses on the potential of 11 natural extracts from Bangladeshi plants and their potential use as anti-cancer drugs. Extracts from the plants were tested against murine melanoma, human colon carcinoma, and tumor cell lines (leukemia in children).
Extracts obtained from Moringa oleifera possessed moderate inhibitory activity on sea urchin egg development. They also possessed cytotoxic activity, especially against drug-sensitive lines in leukemia and melanoma. Eight of the eleven tested species of plants in Bangladeshi folk medicine presented some activity. However, according to the criteria of the American Cancer Institute, out of the eleven natural extracts only those from Moringa oleifera and Aegles marmelos can be considered as potential sources of anti-cancer compounds. The article calls for further studies.

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