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The Moisture Release Curve at various humidity levels in Moringa oleifera seed

Author(s): Schapansky S, C Moravec, Dr. E Laca
Published in: .   Oct 22, 2008

Moringa oleifera trees are known for their many nutritional and medicinal uses. Farmers and agriculturists have been searching for the most effective way in which to store Moringa seeds as well as to plant and grow the trees.

Researchers have studied this topic using two groups of sixty-six seeds each in an experiment concerning the level of water within the seeds. The first group of seeds was put in a container with a relative humidity of twenty-five percent for three days. The second group was put into de-ionized water for twelve hours at one hundred percent water potential. Each group was then weighed. This weight was then compared to the original weight of the seeds.

The effects of the environment and its level of humidity on the Moringa seeds is useful knowledge for Moringa farmers. This information can help them in the future to store the seeds at a particular humidity level, aiding in the services the plants provide.

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